Immigration Patents Law

Immigration patents are a growing trend in the United States. In the last 60 years, nearly one-fifth of all new patents were filed by immigrants. That finding overlaps with Jones’ work on skilled workers. Immigrants have become increasingly valuable to American businesses. And this trend shows no signs of stopping.

76 percent of the patents had a foreign-born inventor

According to the Partnership for a New American Economy, 76 percent of patents awarded by U.S. universities in 2011 had a foreign-born inventor. The group analyzed 1,500 patents granted by the top 10 patent-producing universities in the country. The organization comprises business and government leaders, mayors, and academics, and is critical of the current immigration policy.

The increase in foreign-born inventors is not limited to the U.S., as a third of patents in 2011 were issued by universities in China and India. Immigrants were also responsible for inventions in chemicals and electricity. These technologies have had a large impact on the US economy. In addition, immigrants are responsible for at least 16 percent of patents in every major industry sector.

Provisions relating to intra-company transferees

In order to qualify for an intra-company transfer visa, a foreign national must be clearly employed by the host company, under the direct and continuous supervision of the host company. This means that they must be on the Canadian payroll. However, it’s not enough to be employed by the company: they must also be engaged in activity on behalf of the Canadian entity.

In order to maintain L-1 status, the transferee must fulfill all requirements under the immigration law. The intent of the transferee must be to fulfill the conditions set out in the petition, including the intention to comply with the five-year or seven-year limit on the L-1 visa. This requirement is not violated if the transferee is an L-1 beneficiary of an immigrant petition.

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