How to Style Men’s Sweaters for Every Occasion

Any decent sweater should be made of wool or cashmere. Stay away from synthetics and polyester, which can leave you with unpleasant sweat patches and too much pilling.

The sweater with crew neck can be paired with a dress shirt with collars or ascot. The sweater can be worn instead of suit coat and make your outfit look more casual.

Crew Neck

You can never go wrong with a crew neck sweater as it goes well with informal settings. Team with jeans and voila! You now have an easy ensemble to keep you comfortable and looking stylish for the entire day.

If playing up dressy jeans, one can wear this sweats with a collared shirt under it. The collar of the shirt should drape outside the neck of the sweats and can be rolled up just outside the neck of the sweats to impart extra colour and texture.

Make sure the sleeves fall naturally to your wrists and don’t hang too low – if you want the sweater to be a bit more formal, then a pair of cufflinks or even a hat will help.


A V-neck sweater over jeans can be a classic look. Wear sneakers to complete the look for an athleisure look. Try a pair in white or patterned sneakers to add a contrasting touch to your outfit. Booties can look sophisticated – they work well with many dress styles, especially fits and flares and A-line dresses. Try knee-high boots in neutral tones for a classic look or bright, bold colours for an adventurous vibe. Oxford shoes or brogues work for a preppy look. Pair with sweater dresses with a more structured look.

Sweater dresses – your go-to comfy clothing staple at home that you can now turn into a stylish creation to be loved by celebrities and fashionistas – they are your fashion statement for all occasions.

Tennis Sweater

A tennis sweater matches best with a much more casual outfit (tee and jeans) for an evening for example, but you can also wear one with pants and a sport coat for a slightly more formal outfit. Add to the outfit any regular outdoor accessories like sunglasses, watch, cap when appropriate, cufflinks and socks.

If picking a jumper, go for one made from natural fibres – like wool, lambswool, silk, alpaca, or cotton – for the most comfort and longevity. Although modern, synthetic materials like polyester will feel less kosy in the cold, so avoid them if you can (and if you have cold hands). Fashionable knit styles include Fair Isle, Aran, and cable knit, where the patterns include subtle differentiations in colour and various Scottish motifs.


It walks the line between professional style and casual comfort. It’s a fixture of just about every man’s wardrobe and a staple of college campuses nationwide. It can even be work-appropriate (at least work-wear appropriate), if it’s broken up with an offsite lunch where you tried to remember to put deodorant on. Throw it on over a T-shirt and jeans and you’re good to go. And, if you want just a little pouf, you can put it on over your button-down, too. The collar of the button-down will poke out the back of your sweatshirt, and the sleeves of your sweatshirt will wrap around your wrists. Roll up both your combo-sleeves (they’re much longer than they should be) to expose a bit more forearm.

Shawl Collar

It is basically a crew neck sweater with a rolled collar like this: This is the most common pullover style you will see. It can be worn under a collar – such as a button-up shirt, or an ascot – but there is usually not enough room to wear a tie.

Although it is closed by a short zipper, it can be worn open as well. Pair it with a boldly coloured and patterned sport coat to lend a sporty and distinctive air to your get-up.

The fit and comfort of your sweater depend largely on materials: natural fibres or fibre blends are the way to go. Look for wool, cashmere and soft cotton that keep you warm and comfortable all day long. Synthetics and nylons are less comfortable, heat up too easily, and shed excess pills.

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